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What do we offer?

Selected Products

We use seasonal products, without transgenics and locals whenever possible.

Conscious Omni Menu

We use animal protein always respecting the animal, it is our philosophy.

To Share

Our menus are designed to share and enjoy the experience together.

Vegan Menu

Is the joint of foods and their preparations, according to contemporary methods or local and ethnic traditions, that comply with vegan standards.

Become a Chef!

Prepare the dishes yourself following the instructions of our chef.

Sustainable Delivery

We work with Revoolt, we optimize logistics processes with free Zero-CO2 deliveries.

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Remember to place your order a day before to enjoy it the next day, we are Gourmet Delivery.

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In the time slot from 6pm to 8pm on the day you choose, only deliveries in Barcelona. Take away option in Coocció.

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Box with 2 menus


Peas cream, goat cheese and truffle crunchy quinoa Serrano ham and chia seeds and unique experience in taste and freshness.

39€ per person (minimum order of 2)


(8 plates + videorecipes)

First Dish

Lasagna Carbonara with guanciale, carbon pecorino cheese and yellow oil... combine classical lasagna with a modern touch.

Main Dish

Pork ribs cooked a sous vide for 12 hrs with balsamic jerez and caramel demi glacé, purple mashed potatoes.

Omni Easy Level Menu


Cheesecake strawberry/cream, milk and confit strawberries cream crunchy.....this dessert will not leave you indifferent.


Crunchy pork belly sous vide, potato pure with zafran, Pak choi with spirulin, black garlic and kimchi gel.

First Dish

Sausage and ricotta cheese ravioli/ parmesan flakes, mushroom sauce.

Omni Medium Level Menu

Main Dish

Pork cheeks onion and kefir sauce pumpkin in various textures.


Fondant de Beta caroten, carrot pastry cream, sweet potato gel, crunchy and fruit powder.


Vegan Menu

Spelt salad verduras de temporada kale crujiente compressed fruit.

First Dish

Fagottino vegan filled with potatoes, celeriac, beets in various textures.

Main Dish

Vegan mushroom fillet demi glace, sweet potato sauce artichoke soft and cruncy green oil.


Vegan panna cotta chocolate sauce pears and vegan merengue.

39€ per person (minimum order of 2)

39€ per person (minimum order of 2)


Chickpea cream, national shrimps, shrimp head oil

First Dish

Risotto cuttlefish ink and aubergine , spiced crunchy cuttlefish and aubergine skin and spirulina sauce

Ocean Menu

Main Dish

Cod (or similar acc. to the market) olives and capers powder, confit cherry tomato and black garlic aioli sauce.


Pistachio flan, white chocolate sauce and cruncy

39€ per person (minimum order of 2)


Customer Reviews

Soy vegano y para mí es difícil encontrar algo decente en Barcelona. Cuando se abrió esta entrega decidí darle una oportunidad y superó mis expectativas. Estuvo muy bien, pero no solo eso. Nos divertimos mucho preparando los platos. Tienes que seguir las instrucciones del Chef que son realmente sencillas y disfrutar de la cena gourmet que preparaste con tus propias manos. Y casi como un Lego. No puedo esperar cuando cambie el menú para probar otros platos deliciosos.

Anna Gomez

Muy Bueno. Me sentí como un chef en mi casa.

Ad Astra

Hace poco lo probé y tengo que decir que quedé muy satisfecho con la experiencia. Aprecié que los platos estuvieran hechos con ingredientes frescos y de alta calidad, y que hubiera opción vegana disponible. En particular, me encantó cómo los ingredientes se equilibraban perfectamente entre sí, creando sabores únicos y deliciosos. Recomiendo el servicio a cualquiera que esté buscando una experiencia gastronómica de alta calidad en su propia casa.

Alessandro Lazzini

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Our philosophy


We do not work with intensive farms, we believe that animals should be treated with respect, well fed and never slaughtered too young.


If it is about fish, we will prioritize blue fish in season. The proper size, to give the possibility of reproduction but avoiding the accumulation of mercury and microplastics. We also do not work with trawling fishing.


We are a group of people committed to the environment.

We believe making conscious food choices is one of the best ways we can make a difference in the environment and in the quality of life of people and animals affected by the excessive demand for food. By being more conscious in our food choices, we are helping to protect the planet and create a more sustainable future for all.

Fabio Bozzini

We want to start a relationship of empathy with the environment that facilitates the next step towards our goal:Plant based protein as the protagonist of our diet.

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